NTC Temperature Sensor Probe with JST Connector

Davantronic’s NTC Temperature Sensor Probe with JST Connector comes with cable lengths ranging from 500mm to 2000mm represents a cutting-edge solution in the field of temperature sensing technology. Designed with precision and versatility in mind, this sensor probe is an integral component for various industrial applications where accurate temperature measurements are crucial.


Davantronic’s NTC Temperature Sensor Probe with JST Connector is a sensing device that exemplifies precision and reliability in temperature sensing technology. In other words, this sensor probe, featuring a JST connector, is designed to meet the demands of various industrial applications where accurate temperature monitoring is essential. With cable lengths ranging from 500mm to 2000mm, this sensor offers a versatile and customizable solution for users seeking precise temperature data in diverse settings.

Temperature Sensor with JST Plug

The incorporation of a JST (Japan Solderless Terminal) connector in Davantronic’s NTC Temperature Sensor Probe with JST Connector adds a layer of convenience and efficiency to the installation process. The JST connector facilitates a secure and reliable electrical connection. In this way it ensures a seamless integration into existing systems. Therefore, this feature not only simplifies the setup but also allows for quick and hassle-free maintenance, contributing to a more user-friendly experience.

The cable length options, ranging from 500mm to 2000mm, provide users with the flexibility to choose the most suitable configuration for their specific needs. Whether it’s a compact space where a shorter cable is required or a more extensive setup demanding an extended reach, Davantronic’s sensor probe can be tailored to meet these varied requirements. This adaptability makes the sensor suitable for applications in industries such as electronics manufacturing, automotive, and HVAC systems.

The NTC technology employed in the sensor ensures accurate and responsive temperature readings. To clarify, NTC thermistors exhibit a decrease in resistance with an increase in temperature, offering a reliable method for temperature sensing. Davantronic leverages this technology to provide users with a sensor probe that excels in precision, making it a valuable tool in applications where temperature control is critical.

NTC Sensor Durable and Accurate

The durability of theNTC Temperature Sensor Probe with JST Connector is a notable feature, ensuring its resilience in challenging environments. Constructed with high-quality materials, the probe can withstand exposure to moisture, chemicals, and mechanical stress. This robust design enhances the sensor’s longevity, making it a cost-effective solution for applications requiring a durable and dependable temperature sensing device.

In addition to its durability, the sensor probe’s accuracy is a standout feature. The precise temperature measurements provided by Davantronic’s NTC sensor contribute to the efficiency and reliability of processes in industries such as manufacturing and quality control. Users can trust the sensor’s data to make informed decisions and maintain optimal operating conditions.


NTC sensor probe with JST connector dimensions


Product Ordering Code Length
D1001013-1000 1000 mm
D1001013-2000 2000 mm
D1001013-3000 3000 mm
D1001013-4000 4000 mm

Compatible with our 5-Channels Thermostat Board with Display Control Module:

    Additional information

    Sensor type


    Nominal Resistance

    100 kΩ

    B Value at 25/50(K)

    4200 K±1 %

    B Value at 25/85(K)

    (4250 K)

    Cable Length

    1000mm, 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm

    Connector Type

    JST 2.54mm 3P Connector

    Operating Temperature

    –40 to 150°C


    Stainless Steel AISI304

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