Temperature Sensor G 1/2 – LM35DZ

Industrial temperature sensor with LM35DZ ic, made of AISI 316L with G1/2 Thread.

  • High Quality Finish
  • Easy installation
  • 1/2 G thread mounted
  • Strong Built


This robust temperature sensor is screw mountable with G 1/2 thread. Its body is made of AISI316L stainless steel. Therefore, it is chemical resistant and suitable for measuring the temperature of most liquids and gasses within a temperature range from 0°C to 100°C.

Industrial temperature sensors with stainless steel bodies and G1/2 threads for fixation are commonly used in a variety of applications that require accurate temperature measurements in harsh environments. The use of stainless steel provides protection against corrosion, while the G1/2 thread ensures a secure and reliable connection.

One popular component found inside these sensors is the LM35DZ temperature sensor. The LM35DZ is a precision IC temperature sensor that outputs a voltage proportional to the temperature in Celsius. This makes it ideal for applications that require accurate temperature measurements, such as process control, HVAC systems, and temperature monitoring in industrial settings.

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The stainless steel body of these sensors provides protection against a range of harsh environmental conditions, including high temperatures, humidity, and corrosive substances. Additionally, the G1/2 thread allows for easy installation and ensures a secure and reliable connection, reducing the risk of damage or failure.

Overall, industrial temperature sensors with stainless steel bodies and G1/2 threads for fixation, incorporating the LM35DZ temperature sensor, are a reliable and effective solution for temperature monitoring in harsh environments. Their robust construction and accurate measurements make them a popular choice for a wide range of applications in the industrial and commercial sectors.


temperature sensor dimensions

Electric Schematic:


Additional information

Sensor type



AISI 316L (Stainless Steel)


G1/2 Thread


G 1/2 Thread

Temperature range

0 – 100°C

Supply voltage

4 to 30 VDC

Supply current

Max. 1 mA


+/- 0.6°C (room temperature)


+10 mV/°C

Response Time

1000 ms (0-90%)

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