Terms and Conditions

Welcome to Davantech.com (“Service”), the official website for Dongguan Davantech Co., Ltd (“Service Provider”). This Service agreement (“Agreement”) regulates the terms and conditions of using the Davantech platform and is entered into by You (“User”) and Dongguan Davantech Co., Ltd located at 125 Tai an road, Zhangmutou town, Dongguan City, Guangdong province, PRC (hereinafter jointly referred to as Parties).

By registering for or using the Service the User agrees having read and fully understood the Agreement. By registering for or using the Service the User also agrees having entered the Agreement and being bound by the terms in the Agreement and the Privacy Policy regardless of the form of registration or using of the Service. By entering the Agreement the User states having adequate legal capacity to enter into the Agreement. The User will use the Service only for lawful purposes, in accordance to the Agreement and the instructions provided on the Davantech’s website https://www.davantech.com (hereinafter jointly referred to as “Website”).


Use of Service

Service Provider hosts and maintains an online platform available at the Website that enables Users to upload their two dimensional (2D) drawings for their manufacturing projects. Davantech maintains a vendor manufacturing program consisting of a network of third party manufacturers (“Suppliers”) capable of performing manufacturing services on Davantech’s behalf in order to offer our customers greater efficiencies and the best pricing and quality of manufacturing services. When a customer uploads their specifications, Davantech will subcontract with one of Suppliers to have manufactured, the parts or items to be delivered pursuant to the User’s order (“Part”).

In order to place an order for a Part, User must upload an accepted two dimensional (2D) drawing for the Part that User would like to have produced pursuant to the terms of this Agreement. During the ordering process User has to choose, from the list of available options and parameters for Part. Certain restrictions with respect to the thickness, material may apply.

User will be able to see and review the order and the cost (production and delivery) provided by Davantech before finalizing the order. No contract to manufacture any Part exists until Davantech acknowledges User acceptance of its quote/order by confirming the order. Since each order is custom manufactured, you may not cancel an order once it has been placed.

User is solely responsible for ensuring that the specifications in the quote and other information User submit in the order is accurate and complete before finalizing the order. User may not amend or modify the specifications after placing order.

Davantech may, at any time during the quotation, ordering and the manufacturing process, revoke and/or cancel any order, if there are technical or others reasons (such as a concern about intellectual property ownership of the design or the legality of the Part) to do so. In such case, Davantech will reimburse User all monies paid for such Part, if any.

User acknowledge and agree that Service Provider subcontracts or otherwise delegates orders User place for a Part to one of Suppliers. As such, User acknowledge and agrees that Davantech may share User specifications with Supplier in order to process and manufacture the order. User will not have any obligation to pay any Supplier directly.


Your Account, Password and Security

In order to use the Service the Service Provider may ask for some information from the User (company name, contact information etc.). The User states that all the information provided to the Service Provider is currently complete and accurate to the best of the User’s knowledge.

The Service Provider reserves the right to suspend or stop any Users from using the Service in case the information provided by the User has not been current, complete and accurate. In case the information provided to the Service Provider by the User should change the User is obliged to immediately notify the Service Provider.

The User does not circumvent or attempt to circumvent the user authentication systems used by the Service Provider. The User is entirely responsible for all payments and activities which occur while or as a result of using the Service. The User is liable for any damages, losses or costs that the Service Provider or any third party sustains as a result of the User using the Service. The User is also liable for any damages, losses or costs that the Service Provider or any third party sustains as a result of a third party using the Service with the User’s password, account name or account information. Therefore the User is responsible for maintaining confidentiality of passwords and any information regarding the Service or the User’s personal account.

The User is to immediately notify the Service Provider (info@Davantech.com) of any unauthorized use of the User’s password or account of which the User is aware of. The User acknowledges that all messages sent using the Service are transmitted in an unencrypted format.



The User is to pay the Service Provider at the applicable rate (without limitation) in United States Dollars for charges for all of the confirmed orders, applied service fees and any applicable Value Added Tax. All charges are payable in advance – the User cannot use the Service until all due payments have been received by the Service Provider. Payments for using the Service can be made by bank transfer or using a credit card. Other payment methods may be accepted at the sole discretion of the Service Provider. Credit card information is not visible to nor accessible by the Service Provider. In case of credit card payments, the User will be directed to a secure environment provided by the credit card payment operator. Credit card payments can only be cancelled via application to the bank which has issued the credit card. The application must in this case include the reason for cancelling the payment.



Quotations issued by Davantech will contain an estimated date of shipment, calculated on the basis of the input data. The term of delivery generated by the online ordering system gives an indication of planned date of shipment though does not bind Service Provider. Estimated shipment date is based on the working conditions applicable at the time the agreement is concluded and on the punctual delivery of the materials ordered by Davantech for the performance of the work. Should a delay rise for which Davantech is not responsible, as a result of a change in the mentioned working conditions or because materials ordered in time for the performance of the work are not delivered on time, the shipment date shall be extended as required and Service Provider will not liable for such delay.


Intellectual Property

Service Provider grants to User a limited, revocable, non-exclusive license to use the Website for personal or internal business purposes. Davantech retains all ownership and intellectual property rights to the Service and all content therein. User shall not or permit any third party to:

(a) reverse engineer, disassemble or decompile Davantech.com, the pricing and matching algorithms of Davantech.

(b) use any manual or automated software devices or other processes to “scrape” or download data from any web pages contained in the Service;

(c) access the Service in order to build a similar or competitive website, application or service;

(d) use the Service for any illegal purpose, including to manufacture any products, components, goods or tools designed or intended for use in firearms.


User Content

The Service Provider does not claim any ownership over your specifications or any content, data or other materials you upload to or otherwise make available on the Davantech.com platform. A user is solely responsible for the content uploaded to the Service.


Limitation of Liability

Because the parts are based on User specifications, Service Provider makes no warranty, representation, or condition that: (a) the parts will meet your requirements, (b) the parts are fit for any particular purpose, or merchantable, or (c) the parts are defect or error-free. The Services may be subject to delays, cancellations and other disruptions. Service Provider makes no warranty, representation or condition with respect to the services, including but not limited to, the quality, effectiveness, reputation and other characteristics of the services. User acknowledges and agrees that Service Provider is not liable, and the user agrees not to seek to hold Davantech liable, for the conduct of third parties, including for any part manufactured by a third party.


Service and Termination

The Service Provider makes no guarantees regarding the performance of the Service’s systems and those of the Supplier. This Agreement may be terminated with or without cause at any time by sending a written notice to the Service Provider (info@Davantech.com). The Service Provider may investigate any activity that may violate this Agreement and may at any time in its sole discretion terminate this Agreement.


Changes to the Agreement

All of the terms in the Agreement and on the Website including the pricing are subject to change by the Service Provider at any time without prior notification. Any such changes become effective immediately after being published by the Service Provider on the Website. For being informed of all such changes revising the Website and the Agreement regularly is strongly recommended. By continuing to use the Services after the terms in the Agreement or on the Website have been published the User automatically agrees to be bound by such changed terms and pricing.


Final Provisions

This Agreement is governed by the laws of Hong Kong. The User agrees that the English language version of the Agreement will govern the relationship between the User and the Service Provider. All translations from the English language Agreement to some other language are provided for convenience. In case of any contradictions between the English language version of the Agreement and any translations, the English language version shall take precedence. Parties shall not be responsible for total or partial default on their obligations hereunder where this occurs due to the impact of force majeure circumstances. The Parties shall construe force majeure circumstances as circumstances which a Party could not foresee at the time of concluding the contract and could not prevent or remove with any means whatsoever. Such circumstances shall be natural calamities, strikes, fires, war, lawful or unlawful decisions of public authorities, etc.