5-Channels Thermostat Board with Display Control Module

This 5-Channels Thermostat Board with Display Control Module is intended to controll 5 outputs based on the inputs of 1 to 4 industrial NTC temperature sensors. It works with 5V USB-C connector or 12V/24V input connector. There are connectors for the segment LED display board including 4 controll buttons. In addition there is a connector to mount 3 indicator LEDs. The user can easily program the sensors board via the buttons.

1 SET consists of

  • 1 x 5-Channels Thermostat Board
  • 1 x Display Control Module with 4 buttons
  • 1 x Interconnection cable


This 5-Channels Thermostat Board with Display Control Module stands at the forefront of industrial temperature control, a simple yet sophisticated thermostat, designed to control five outputs with precision. Catering to the nuanced requirements of industrial settings, this board seamlessly integrates with up to four NTC temperature sensors, each playing a pivotal role in shaping the responsive behavior of the system.

The board is a versatile powerhouse, accommodating power inputs through either a 5V USB-C connector or a 12V/24V input connector, providing flexibility and adaptability to diverse operational environments. Its dual-power compatibility ensures that it can seamlessly integrate into various setups, offering users a broad spectrum of options to tailor the board to their specific needs.

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  • 4 NTC temperature sensor inputs
  • 5 Output connections
  • Separate segment LED display board with 4 buttons
  • Led indicator connections and buzzer
  • 5 VDC via USB-C and 12VDC/24VDC input connector

An integral feature of this board is its connectivity options. It is equipped with connectors designed specifically for a segment LED display board, ensuring clear and concise communication of vital information. The presence of four control buttons further enhances user interaction, allowing for seamless navigation through the functionalities of the LED display.

In addition to the LED display setup, the board incorporates a connector for mounting three indicator LEDs. These LEDs serve as beacons, providing at-a-glance insights into the status of the system. The visual cues offered by these LEDs contribute significantly to the board’s user-friendly interface, simplifying the monitoring process for operators.

Part Numbers Description SET
D1000991 5-Channels Thermostat Board with Display Control Module D1000982+D1000983
D1000982 5-Channels Thermostat Board
D1000983  Display Control Module

5-Channels Thermostat Board (80 mm x 35 mm)



sensor output thermostat board dimensions


Sensors = JST XH 2.54mm 3P

Outputs = JST XH 2.54mm 2P

Indication LEDs = 2X JST XH 2.54mm 2P

LED Segment display with buttons = JST XH 2.54mm 4P

Power = USB-C and Header 3.96mm 2P

A distinguishing characteristic of this 5 Channels Output Temperature Sensors Board is its user-friendly programmability. The inclusion of four control buttons empowers users to effortlessly program the board according to their unique requirements. This intuitive programming capability enhances the adaptability of the board, making it a valuable asset for a wide range of industrial applications.

The board’s compatibility with industrial NTC temperature sensors positions it as a critical component in temperature-sensitive processes. These sensors are renowned for their accuracy and reliability in gauging temperature variations within industrial environments. The thermostats’s ability to interface with up to four of these sensors enhances its capacity to capture nuanced temperature data, contributing to precise temperature control.

Display Control Module with 4 Buttons (46mm x 35mm)



dimensions Display buttons module


Sensor I/O board = JST XH 2.54mm 4P

The segment LED display board is a visual centerpiece, offering a real-time snapshot of critical temperature data. Paired with the four control buttons, it enables users to navigate through different parameters, ensuring that the relevant information is easily accessible. This dynamic display mechanism is crucial for operators who require instantaneous insights into the temperature dynamics of their industrial processes.

The three indicator LEDs serve as status markers, offering a quick reference point for system health. These indicators can be programmed to signify specific conditions, alerting operators to potential issues or confirming the smooth operation of the system. The strategic placement of these indicators ensures that they are visible and easily interpretable, contributing to the overall operational efficiency of the board.

The board’s compact design and thoughtful integration of connectors make it a space-efficient solution for temperature control applications. The organized layout of connectors and buttons enhances the board’s usability, ensuring that even in constrained spaces, users can interact with and program the board without compromising on efficiency.

In conclusion, this 5 Channels Output Temperature Sensors Board is a sophisticated and adaptable solution for industrial temperature control. Its seamless integration with NTC temperature sensors, dual-power compatibility, LED display functionality, and intuitive programming capabilities make it a valuable asset in diverse industrial settings. With a focus on user-friendly design and precision control, this board is poised to elevate temperature management in industrial processes, offering a reliable and efficient solution for demanding applications.

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