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Ask a quote for your custom made aluminum electronic enclosures. As a matter of fact, we offer a broad range of manufacturing services in order to produce aluminum and plastic enclosures. Aluminum casting Aluminum extrusion Sheet metal CNC machining Send us your requirements and upload your 3D files and drawings


Why choose Davantronic for your aluminum enclosures? We offer affordability and speed in crafting your custom electronic casings. Our services include precise 3D modeling and efficient manufacturing. We create electronic aluminum enclosures tailored to your needs, emphasizing solutions for every project. Whether you require standard or custom aluminum enclosures, explore our diverse range, including CNC machined, extruded, and die-casted options. Each type has distinct cost and feature advantages. With extensive experience in aluminum and plastic enclosure manufacturing, Davantronic is a trusted Chinese factory.

Discover our six aluminum enclosure types:

Extruded aluminum enclosures
Casted aluminum enclosures
Sheetmetal enclosures
CNC machined housings
Forged enclosures with milling
Custom aluminum enclosures
Empty aluminum electronic casings

Our extruded aluminum enclosures consist of front and rear plates and are readily available, but may require modification. Alternatively, molded or casted aluminum housings lack customization for your PCB, necessitating adaptation using our milling machines. We offer various surface finishes, including anodizing and powder coating.

Design and Engineering Support

For maximum customization, choose our custom aluminum enclosures. We design and engineer these boxes according to your specifications, ensuring the optimal layout of connectors, ventilation, LED indicators, and fixation points. The design aligns with your electronic PCB for a cohesive unit, whether following standard formats like 19″ rack modules or embracing total design freedom.

At Davantronic, we tailor our aluminum casing design and manufacturing to meet your specific requirements, from cost considerations to environmental specs (e.g., shock, vibration, IP-rating) and compliance with standards such as 19-inch rack dimensions. We employ various production techniques, including CNC milling, extrusion, injection molding, casting, forging, and sheetmetal fabrication. Our expertise extends to product engineering and CAD services, along with comprehensive surface treatments.

Additional information

Weight 23 kg
Dimensions 12 × 31 × 23 cm

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