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    19" Rack module 1U - fully customizable


    In case you need a customizable 19" rack module with a height of 1U, this aluminum rack module will certainly meet your requirements. More specific, this 19 inch rack module 1U kit is fully customizable. It is sold as a standard kit. In addition we do the machining of the different panels according to your specification. 

    The module does not have any extra machined features. It comes as shown on the technical drawing. The pictures are for reference only.

    Download the 3D file in the download section. Add your machined features to the 3d model and send it back to us for quotation. Write your requirements and upload your 3D files and drawings after clicking "add to quote"

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    This 19 inch rack module 1U kit is fully customizable. It is sold as a standard kit. In addition we do the machining of the different panels according to your specification. 

    Ask a quotation for your specific request.

    Customizing your 19" rack module:

    Here is how we can customize your aluminum casing at Davantech.

    • Integration of the electronic components and connectors in 3D.
    • Designing all the cut-outs and CNC machining features.
    • Ventilation holes.
    • Inserts and stand-offs to mount printed circuit boards.
    • Making 2D production drawings.
    • Mounting brackets.
    • Silk screening or laser engraving of text and symbols.

    How to proceed:

    1. Download the 3D file in STP format in the download section of this product.
    2. Add your PCB fixation holes, connector openings and other CNC machined features. Make a detailed drawing with tolerances and indication of threaded holes. 
    3. Click the add to quote button.
    4. Click on the   icon on top of the page.
    5. Fill in your name, family name and email address.
    6. Tell us your desired quantity, surface finish, etc. 
    7. Upload your 3D file (in STP format) and drawings with dimensions and tolerances.
    8. Click on the "REQUEST QUOTE" button



    customized 19 inch rack module dimensions


    19 inch rack module parts

    Aluminum 19" rack modules with a height of 1U are a common and versatile solution for organizing and mounting various types of electronic equipment in a standard rack enclosure. These modules are widely used in industries such as telecommunications, broadcasting, audio and video, and data centers.

    The manufacturing process of these modules typically involves several steps. The first step is the selection of high-quality aluminum material that is lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant. The front and side panels consist oof extruded aluminum. Next, we cut and shape the aluminum into the desired dimensions using precision CNC milling machines.

    Once all parts are fully machined, we usually finished them with a protective coating such as anodizing or powder coating. Anodizing creates a hard and durable surface layer that can resist scratches and wear, while powder coating provides a thicker and more resilient layer of protection against physical damage and environmental factors. We apply text and symbols with our laser engraving machine.

    After finishing, the aluminum 1U modules are ready for installation into a standard 19" rack. They typically feature mounting holes on the front and back of the module, allowing for easy attachment of equipment such as patch panels, switches, and servers.

    The benefits of using aluminum 1U modules in rack enclosures are numerous. They provide a standardized and modular system for organizing and managing electronic equipment, making it easier to add, remove, or upgrade components as needed. Additionally, the lightweight and sturdy construction of aluminum modules makes them easy to handle and install, reducing the risk of injury or damage to equipment during installation.

    In conclusion, aluminum 19" rack modules with a height of 1U are a practical and reliable solution for mounting and organizing electronic equipment in a standardized rack enclosure. The manufacturing process involves precision cutting, shaping, and finishing to create lightweight and durable modules that can withstand the rigors of daily use. These modules are widely used across a variety of industries and provide a versatile and modular system for managing electronic equipment.

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    482 mm
    43.9 mm
    200 mm
    Surface treatment
    No treatment
    Surface finish
    No surface finish
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